What is a Magar?

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Acme 420 Magar Picture Primo and Frodo - Cannagar Cannabis Cigar
Primo & Frodo Magars – Picture by: Kim Sidwell

EVENT: We will be at the Revel Social Club event this weekend (March 16-17) from 10 to 10.
2229 Blake St. Denver, CO

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We will not be allowed to sell Magars at this event but will have
a smoking tent for Hegars.

What Is a Acme 420 Magars?

We are the original Cannagar Blunt
from Colorado – est. 2008

Welcome to Acme 420, we are a hand rolled premium artisan marijuana cigar manufacture in Denver. We have been perfecting our craft for almost 10 years now, and now we’ve arrived at a point where we can mass produce (while still being hand rolled) a beautiful smoking delicacy called a “Magar™”. 

Our amazing patent pending rolling process allows for a perfect smoke, every time. Over the last many years we’ve traveled and met with some fascinating people in the cigar business and we’ve taken time to learn how to properly utilize time tested rolling techniques. If you’re looking for a cannagar dispensary, please visit our Facebook page here or sign up for our email list on the right hand side, we’ll update the email list first then the Facebook page so you know where to buy Acme 420 Magars. Do note they sell out quickly, so being on one of these list will ensure you have a chance to purchase one before they’re sold out.  You can however visit the locations page.

We’ll also have some 1st edition Acme 420 Magars swag available online here shortly on our store page.

What are Magars?:

  • A complete cannabis cigar.
  • 100% Marijuana / 100% Natural (all the time).
  • Fan leaves are used to roll around the shell of the Magar.
  • High in CBD (from the leaf).
  • Affordable smoking masterpieces.

What Magars ARE NOT:

  • Thai Sticks (they’re better :P).
  • Bitter tasting from the leaf (the leaf adds smoothness and sweetness to the smoke).
  • They’re not $420 or $500 like “other” competitors (quality is just as good if not better).
  • There is NO tobacco added (EVER).

Type of Magars:

  • Primo (Largest size seen above)
  • Frodo (The size next to the Primo)
  • Mini (which you can see in our picture category)

These two videos will give you an idea of what it’s like to smoke an Acme 420 Magar.


Team Acme 420

PS: We also offer the highest quality CBD oil in the world %100 CBD (non THC) and legal to sell (check our FB for proof). We’re the leading edge in hemp based medicine! – We’re currently setting up the product gateway, if you’re looking for the for CBD, be sure to drop by our Facebook page and message us, we can take orders manually at the moment.

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