What is a Magar?

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What Are Acme 420 Magars?

We are the original 100% Marijuana Blunt
from Colorado – est. 2008

Welcome to Acme 420, we are a hand rolled premium artisan marijuana cigar manufacture in Denver. We have been perfecting our craft for almost 12 years now, and now we’ve arrived at a point where we can mass produce (while still being hand rolled) a beautiful smoking delicacy called a “Magar™”. 

Our amazing patent pending rolling process allows for a perfect smoke, every time. Over the last many years we’ve traveled and met with some fascinating people in the cigar business and we’ve taken time to learn how to properly utilize time tested rolling techniques. If you’re looking for a cannagar dispensary, please visit our Facebook page here or sign up for our email list on the right hand side, we’ll update the email list first then the Facebook page so you know where to buy Acme 420 Magars. Do note they sell out quickly, so being on one of these list will ensure you have a chance to purchase one before they’re sold out.  You can however visit the locations page.

We’ll also have some 1st edition Acme 420 Magars swag available online here shortly on our store page.

What are Magars?:

  • A complete cannabis cigar.
  • 100% Marijuana / 100% Natural (all the time).
  • Fan leaf are used to roll around the shell of the Magar.
  • High in CBD (from the leaf).
  • Affordable smoking masterpieces.

What Magars ARE NOT:

  • Thai Sticks.
  • Bitter tasting from the leaf (the leaf adds smoothness and sweetness to the smoke).
  • They’re not $135 or $420 like “other” competitors (quality is just as good if not better). We have mastered massive rolling while maintaining quality to assure EVERYONE gets to experience a Magar.
  • There is NO tobacco added (EVER).

Type of Magars:

  • Primo (Largest size seen above)
  • Frodo (The size next to the Primo)
  • Mini (which you can see in our picture category)
  • Marette (a marijuana cigarette)

This video will give you an idea of what it’s like to smoke an Acme 420 Magar.

Team Acme 420

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195 thoughts on “What is a Magar?”

  1. I’ve been following your magars for a few years now. I’m in nyc, dying to try one of them. I truly have to come down there to get one. My online friend, Chloe Villanova is a longer in Colorado. Have to visit all you guys.

        1. Hi Jay,

          We’ll be putting out Magars here super soon, I’m actually back in the rolling room here on the weekends preparing for our launch later next month. Be sure to get on the newsletter or our facebook page as some random person unaffiliated with us might just bouncing around Denver handing them out at certain events. We’ll let everyone know!


  2. This shit is wack! Don’t waste your money! I went to Downtown Cherry Creek to Caregivers for Life and got me 2 magars vanilla and chocolate because they had a special for Father’s Day. They normally are $35 and they were selling them for $25. So I was like alright ill try these out! But man was that a waste of 50 bucks! I could have gotten a half ounce of shake from there and made 7 fatties that are 10 times more effective! 🙁

    1. First off they’re charging WAY too much money for those and second we are not currently rolling Magars. So if you did buy these they are most likely 4-5 months old! Take back what you have not smoked and get your money back. We guarantee our Magars or your money back. Also thank you for letting us know about this, I’ll pass this along so things get straightened out.

  3. Is there a chance I can find some of these in California? And if not when will it be available here?

    1. We will re introduce Magars back into Colorado here next month and we’ll be moving to California if not late this year early next year from the predictions of our new equipment and partners. Be sure to like us on our Fan page and we’ll update you from there. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I am comming from Michigan on a roadtrip and all I want is a Magar ahah how can we make that happen? How can we see Magars in Michigan has a nice ring get them out this way we will eat them up

    1. Ian,

      I apologize for the late response, I check the Facebook page a lot more frequently! As for Magars, we are ramping production back up very shortly and for Michigan that will happen for sure one day. Stick with the Facebook page and I’ll let you and everyone else know when we hit new areas!

  5. Do you guys make a marijuana wrap or a marijuana wrapped tobacco cigar so I can roll my own and not have to inhale the all the bullshit thats in the wrap of a tobacco cigar? #RollWeedWithWeed

    1. We are in the process of creating a clean MMJ roll for people who want to roll their own blunts. Hook up with our Facebook page and we’ll let you know when production has started and where you can pick them up at!

  6. Just wondering if magars can be bought anywhere in denver ive been a customer for almost three years now and miss magars

    1. At this very moment we are building out our facilities to encompass the huge demand we’ve created. They will be more and more available in the coming months! Be sure to hook up onto our Facebook page, and we’ll let everyone know when we are ramped back up to full capacity.

      Thanks for being a customer! We are doing are best to get back out ASAP!

    1. There are several individuals looking to get Magars out there ASAP, but sadly at the moment we are only located in Colorado

  7. Magar (Nepali: मगर भाषा Magar bhasa) is a language spoken mainly in Nepal, Darjeeling, and Sikkim, by the Magar people. It is divided into two groups (Eastern and Western) and further dialect divisions give distinct tribal identity. In Nepal 788,530 people speak the language(Magar.

    1. :I’ve been personally well aware of these people way before the creation of the Magar. But, it’s just too fitting to pass up for a brand name!

  8. Hi, I’ve been following you for a while now an without a good job I’m never gonna be able to afford to come to Colorado.

    I can however afford a holiday to Amsterdam soon and I was wondering if I could pay for a couple to be sent to my hotel, there’s no problem with legality as it’s from one legalised area to another.

    I hope we can work something out as my friend’s an I consider these Magar’s as the holy grail of smoking.

    1. Gaz,

      As much as we appreciate the sentiment towards these elusive smokes.

      We have decided to never send Magars out of the State, it’s just too
      risky at the moment, being that although yes these two locations are legal.
      It’s still federally illegal to ship them in anyway except for
      legal routes when shipping to a dispensary.

      I really do hope things lighten up in the future for all our sakes,
      I would love to send you some Magars, but at the moment we are
      going to stick with our guns and stay straight and within the
      shipping guidelines.


  9. Yo, now that 4/20 2015 is 2 weeks away is there any official word on the status of Magar distribution for, not only, my Brothers in Colorado, but around home here in Los Angeles?

    I would very much love to try your product and I’m a follower on Facebook but am part of your email service

    1. Poppa,

      I just sent out an e-mail tonight. We believe we’ll be back in medical dispensaries by around October and if everything flows right. We could be in California by middle to late next year.


    1. I believe it’s pretty close to the general prices we have had them at, at medical dispensaries – $15-20 for a mini $30-$40 for a frodo (medium), and $40-$60 for a primo… I’m not sure though, but I would it shouldn’t be any higher then this. If it is, it shouldn’t be by much.

  10. what if you are a dispensary is Co and just want to make a re-order? cant seem to find any contact info for you guys and I have requests at our shop for magars!

    1. Hey there Herbal Elements,

      Thanks for dropping by. We are currently getting back up and running. We have some really exciting stuff happening right now and we predict we’ll be back on the market around October for dispensaries. We have new ring sizes for the Magars so they are bigger, plus we also have some new professional bands and boxes coming in as well.

      I’m looking forward to being able to let everyone know where to get Magars again, you can sign up for our newsletter that’s on the site to the right, and I’ll be blasting out to everyone there when they are available for dispensary purchase, then we’ll be sure to blast out another e-mail to let people know where to get them.


    1. Raquel,

      Since we are currently not rolling for dispensaries right now the only legal way to grab one is by signing up for our newsletter on the right hand side of the website. The welcome message will explain everything!


  11. Hey acme , I have a question regarding if you know I georgia is gonna legalize smoke anytime soon ?

    1. It seems from what I know a few bills are being induced and the governer seems to be okaying certain parts for medicinal usage. I would say in due time (not to too long) it will happen!

    1. David,

      Be sure to get on the Facebook page and our Newsletter.

      We heard there might be a secret Magar santa running around Denver handing them out at events. Can’t know for sure, as we are not the ones doing it.

      Although once we find out, we’ll let everyone know.


  12. A legalization amendment might make its way onto the November ballot here in Ohio. Do you have any interest in setting up a rolling station to manufacture and distribute Magars in Ohio? The all-MMJ blunt wraps would be a solid product in this market as well. We’d love to work with you on it if the amendment goes through.

    1. Hey there, I do believe I just answered your question on the Facebook page, but to let you know here again, just in case.

      We’ll be entering into all states that are legal or at least medically legal as time goes on. We have some big guys supporting us throughout this and once we have Colorado pinned down and can supply the state easily we’ll be able to franchise out.

      Thanks for your question,

    1. Eric,

      Be sure to like our FB fan page to stay up on where we are at event wise.

      They cost between $15 to $65 depending on location and of course size of the Magar.

      We’ll be in dispensaries after the first of year.

    1. Antonio,

      Since we can not ship as it’s federally illegal still, you’d have to come visit us.

      Stay up on where we are moving to by liking our facebook fan page… we hope to visit Georgia soon!!

    1. Justin,

      You’d have to visit us in Colorado. I’d suggest swing by near the first of the year and we should be selling in dispensaries again.

      You can like us on our FB fan page to stay up with all the updates and events we’ll be at.

    1. They are purchased both ways, right now they are unavailable until the first of the year when we become fully legal again.

  13. Hello,

    I was inquiring about if you wholesale? I just started a small business which specializes in cigars.


    1. Hi Billy,

      We offer wholesale prices to dispensaries in Colorado. If you are legal to sell MJ in your store be sure to contact us through FB and we’ll see what we can do for you when we are legal again here in April.

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      We do not offer online ordering as we can not legally ship Magars.
      We have our meeting with the state of Colorado here on the 16th of March
      and we’ll be selling again most likely in April.

      We’ll be in all major dispensaries in Denver then!

    1. Hi Nicolas,

      Hopefully in the future we’ll be in NY too. For the moment we are only in Colorado
      and we can not ship them as it’s illegal to do so still. Be sure to join our FB page
      and we’ll let you know when move more into your area.

      -Acme 420

    1. Hi James,

      We’ll be available here in April. We have our meeting with the State here in the 16th of March.
      Be sure to join our Facebook page and we’ll keep you updated! OR, you can jump on our e-mail list
      and we’ll e-mail you when we are releasing Magars again.

      -Acme 420

    1. Mio Padre conosce un po ‘di italiano. Che cosa hai bisogno di aiuto con? Il modo migliore per contattarci è tramite Facebook. Cerca Acme 420 Magar a Facebook.

    1. Hi Dem-Mok,

      Sorry it took so long to see your e-mail here.

      Did anyone ever get a hold of you? If not keep at it,
      we are about to go into a meeting with the State of CO
      so that we can become legal yet again. We’ll know by the
      16th and more so by April.

    1. Hi Kerry,

      They will be available at all major dispensaries in Colorado most likely by April or May.

      They’ll cost between $15 and $65 depending on the store you visit.

      Jump on our FB page and we’ll let you know when they are out for sale!

  14. I’ve tried a magar at Green Solution (dispensary) a few years ago but now I can’t find them and have been really wanting one lately! Where can I find them?

    1. Hi Greg,

      We’ll be available again here most likely in April.
      We have a meeting with the State to get us legal again.
      Jump on our Facebook page or E-mail list and we’ll update
      you immediately when they are available and where.

      -Acme 420

    1. Hi John,

      Since it’s federally illegal in the USA still we are not allowed to ship Magars right now.
      The only places Magars can be transported to are dispensaries here in Colorado.

      We’ll be moving to new areas of the country and to new countries here in the future.
      So be sure to join our facebook page and we’ll keep you updated from there.

    1. Hi Pete,

      Since it’s federally illegal we can not ship anywhere except through approved methods here in Colorado to dispensaries.

      Do jump on our FB page and we’ll let you know when we move to new areas and States

  15. Hey! I’m a Colorado medical patient but I can’t find any dispensaries that carry these can anyone point me to a few places I’m bear boulder.

    1. Hi Alicia,

      We have meeting with Colorado State here on the 16th of March.
      We should be available by April.

      Be sure to jump on our FB page and we’ll keep you updated!

      -Acme 420

    1. Hey Purnell,

      I think I spoke to you on FB about this. But just to answer the question again. No not at the moment. We do have some people that are looking to work with us to get us out there ASAP though.


    1. Hi Ash,

      Currently since federal law still has MJ as illegal. We can not ship anywhere except inside Colorado with approved shipping companies to move MJ.

      Jump on our FB page and we’ll let you know when we make the move. We’ve been speaking with some people in Europe that are looking to take this idea into that area where applicable.

      -Acme 420

    1. Hi LaRonda,

      We are currently waiting on the State to approve our license again here in Colorado.
      We’ll be available most likely in Mid to Late April here in Colorado (all major dispensaries)

    1. Hi PJ,

      Currently we are waiting on Colorado to make us legal again. We are working with some people in California and will continue to push into those areas as time passes. We hope very soon we can get you some of these legally!

      -Acme 420

    1. I think some people here were calling it Jazz or something and I’m sorry we don’t sell seeds at Acme420 at the moment. Everything is in house and private with the growers we have and hire.

    1. Hi there Samuel,

      We would have loved to be able to offer Magars this year for 4/20, but were still waiting on approval from the State to sell legally again. Be sure to like our FB page, we’ll update you when were selling again!


    1. We’ll be available in all major dispensaries here in Colorado once we are approved for our state MJ licenses again.

  16. Where in California are you planning to set up shop? Obviously Los Ganjales, but is there any chance these will be available in the Sacramento area?

    1. Chances are, there will be many different cities we’ll be in. It’s really up to franchise investors. I know we have one in LA / Burbank, I believe there’s going to be one in all major cities from the franchise line up. Be sure to jump on our FB page we’ll update there when anything happens that way.

    1. Once we get started again here in CO Jan 2017 (our license renew) we’ll be looking forward to coming out to California. We’ll be talking about in March.

    1. Hi Michael, since it’s illegal federally to ship MJ across the USA, we can not send Magars through the mail, we hope that the USA will continue to vote MJ in so that eventually we could do this for you. They range from $15 to $65 an we’re available in CO in 2017 JAN.

    1. They range from $15 to $65 and if you’re a dispensary you can contact us on our FB to get on the waiting list. Currently were only available in Colorado (2017 Jan)

    1. Currently since it’s illegal to ship MJ in the mail we can not do mail orders, we apologize and we hope in the near future that this will become legal.

    1. There is a field to opt in on the right hand side of this website. Let me know if you need additional help I can send you the URL for it.

  17. I have a couple of artist looking to get sponsored by you guys please contact me back 7026190616 they are a Rastafarian group called uprite lions hopefully we can do some business

    1. Magars range from $15 for a small cigarillo type Magar to $65 which is normal sized cigar you’d get from a cigar store. Hope that helps.

    1. Currently we’ll be sold in Colorado. We’re looking to open up to the newer States that just legalized so we’ll be available else in the coming year no doubt. But we can not legally send MJ through the mail. We apologize.

  18. Hi,

    We own a despensery and are really interested in offering your product we live in California but are willing to drive all the way over to pick up merchandise please let me know how may we order these. Thank you

  19. I live in Colorado springs, where is the closest location that I can purchase your product? I have my medical card and would love to try it!

    1. Hi Michael be sure to join our facebook Fan page or our newsletter located on the right hand side of this website. We’ll becoming live again here in January and we’ll be letting everyone know where to get them when they are available.

    1. Hi Michael.

      Large Magars go from $50-$65. We’ll be available in Colorado in Jan (re-releasing). We have many individuals looking to help us get into California soon afterward. Join our Fan Page at http://facebook.com/acme420magars/ or subscribe to our e-mail list which is located on the right hand side of this page.

    1. Hi Kai,

      Unfortunately we can not ship Magars at this time as it’s still ‘federally’ illegal. Perhaps one day in the future we’ll be able to be unrestricted to do such things!

      Do let us know if you make it to Colorado though (we’ll be in other states later this year and next year).

      Keep in touch: http://facebook.com/acme420magars/

      -Acme 420

  20. Do you have any of your products available for delivery services? Watching you on VICELAND and now I’m crazing one of your delicacies 🙂 much love look forward to a speedy response!

    1. Macon,

      I’m pretty sure the VICELAND video you saw was not of our specific brand. But at the moment we can’t not ship out of the state lines of Colorado. Although we are working on pushing it to new states moving into the future. http://facebook.com/acme420magars/ like our fan page and we’ll update you when we make those moves!

    1. At the moment you can purchase a dispensary only. We’ll have some for sale here this month some time, be sure to like our FB page or jump on our email list and we’ll update you where you can go pick them up in person.

    1. They will be available here I believe this May in Denver and many other locations throughout the front range.

    1. Since it’s still federally illegal we can’t but we can sell CBD oil, you can check our stats out on our FB page http://facebook.com/acme420magars/ we have the best CBD in the business right now, but we’re not open for at will purchasing, although we can direct you to where you can if you’re looking for something like that right now. Otherwise, it’s got to be in person.

    1. S $15ish M $30-$40ish L $50-60ish — it depends on the dispensary that holds them on where it sits. But that’s a good guide to go by.

    1. We’ll be available this month in May… the CBD ones are coming a bit after that. But if you’re looking for CBD we have literally the best in the business right now, you can talk to us about that on the FB page as it’s not totally open to the public to purchase at demand at this moment.

  21. Hi,
    I’m going to be in Denver in a couple of weeks. Is there any dispensaries that carry your product? If so, can you please send me a list of them? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      We should have some available here this May, I do apologize if you already showed up. We’re just on the verge of having Magars open for public purchase. Be sure to like our FB and we’ll have updates on when and where to get them.

    1. Darius,

      You can purchase Magars in Colorado.

      We’ll releasing our dispensary list on our FB page or our newsletter here shortly.

  22. Hello! I live in Denver and I’ve been dying ton try one of your cannagars. Where can I get them?

    1. Hi Kevin, we’ll be releasing Magars again here soon, we’re waiting on RF tags. We’ll be giving out the list of where to get Magars on our newsletter (you can sign up on the right hand side of the website) and on our FB fan page at http://facebook.com/acme420magars/

  23. I sure would love to try one, I live in Estes Park co are there any dispensaries in Colorado that carry your magars? If so can you send me a list or if there’s a way to order directly from you that would be cool too

    1. We’re working on gathering the list as I write this. We’ll be emailing our list (you can join by signing up on the right hand side of the website)… or you can join our FB fan page at http://facebook.com/acme420magars/ — I’ll be emailing the list first before FB when the list is available.

    1. We are just finishing up some paper work with the State to finally become legal again. We had to find a proper place to get started again after some partners of ours went under. But the roll floor is back up, were just waiting on the final word to get going again. Sign up for our email list and we’ll send you a list of dispensaries that will be carrying Magars.

    1. Hi Brenden,

      I apologize for the wait on the reply. We reply quicker on our FB page http://facebook.com/acme420magars/
      But, best way to go about knowing where they are located would be to sign up for our email list, we update where to get Magars
      there before we update our FB page.

      We’re just now finishing up with some paper work with the State so we’ll be rolling here shortly,

      -Acme 420

  24. I’d like to buy one of these while I’m in Colorado this weekend for my best friends bachelor party. Where can i find one?

    1. Hi Derrick,

      We’re just now this month finishing up all our paper work with the State to become legal again. But for future reference, sign up for the email list and we’ll update the list where to purchase Magars at. We update the email list before our FB page.

      -Acme 420

    1. Hey there,

      Best way to get involved for future business opportunities would be to sign up for our email list. We send out business opportunities as well as updates on where we’re currently selling Magars. We do have a plan to setup in Cali and have quite a few people looking to do the same. For right now though, were currently only selling in Colorado.

      -Acme 420

  25. Hello, I’m looking forward to see your new store and location. I’m from Long Island, New York. I’ll definitely visit you guys during my Birthday in November.

    1. Hi there,

      Best way to be updated on where to get Magars is to sign up for our email list. We send notices out to the email list first before our FB, that will make sure you can snag one before they sell out when you’re here.

      -Acme 420

  26. Please put me on your email list for updates to where to buy these at. Will be in Denver in middle of August so would love to purchase some when I come.

    1. Sure, you can send me your Email in PM on the FB to keep it private and I’ll load you in as soon as I can.

    1. Be sure to sign up for our email list, you can find it on the right hand side of the website, when we get a list of dispensaries where Magars will be at, we’ll send it to the list first before the FB page.

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