FAQ for Acme420 MagarsFrequently Asked Questions:

Over the years as Acme 420 Magars has become more popular on the internet, we have seen A LOT of questions. We found that about 90% of all the questions asked are something we’ve already answered.

So if you have a question for us please check below to see if any of these answers it. If it’s not please feel free to comment below or to head over to our Facebook page here and personal message us there.

-Acme 420 Magars

Q: When will Magars be available?

A: We need help obtaining a MIPs license so we can continue rolling magars, if you can help reach out to us. Until then we are focused on Acme Hemp Labs (Hemp Cigars)

Q: Can I purchase Magars straight from you or Order online?

A: No, sorry. Unless you’re a State recognized dispensary we can not legally send or sell you Magars directly. However you can order a high CBD LEGAL Hemp Cigar online here.

Q: Are you available in California (or enter State here) or Coming to California (or enter State here)?

A: We are planning on coming to all legal states over time, we are currently ONLY in Colorado at the moment. The next state will no doubt be California as we already have franchise investors ready once we are. If you want to get involved please read about how to invest with us further down this page.

We are legal across the USA for our CBD cigars though.

Q: I live in (Country/State) can you ship me a box of Magars?

A: No, sorry. Marijuana is not Federally recognized as legal so it’s illegal to send through the mail. Currently we are only available in Colorado.

Again, we can’t ship Magars but we can ship Hegars.

Q: Which dispensaries are you currently located?

A: Best way to keep up on where Magars are currently located is by signing up for our e-mail list on the right hand side, or getting on our Facebook page here. We sell out quickly so it’s best to be on one of these lists. You can also click the  blue “Get Notifications” on the right hand side of the page.

We will have a location map for Hegars coming soon though.

Q: How much do Magars cost?

A: Primo’s the largest sized goes for around $50-$65, Frodo’s the medium sized go for $35-$45 and Mini’s the smallest (think cigarillo) go for around $12-$17. These prices are not set in stone and may change.

The prices are fairly similar for Hegars as well.

Q: I would like to get an interview with Acme 420 how do I do that?

A: Best way would be to like our Facebook page here and send us a personal message, or you can comment below. You can also send an e-mail to acme420magars //AT// gmail //dot// com.

Q: I operate a dispensary or I want my favorite dispensary to carry Magars how do I go about that?

A: If you operate a dispensary you can request an interview with us to see if your dispensary qualifies to carry Magars. You can contact us on our Facebook page, or you can e-mail us with all your information acme420magars //AT// gmail //dot// com.  If you have a dispensary you’d like to carry Magars, best bet would be to ask the dispensary to contact us. There are requirements that the dispensary needs to be willing to fulfill to carry Magars. Please contact us for those requirements and your interview.

Q: I would like to invest with Acme 420 how do I do that?

A: We are open to investors and have many waiting to do so. If you’d like to invest with us please contact on our Facebook page, comment below or e-mail us at acme420magars //AT// gmail //dot// com.

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