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Acme 420 Needs a MIPs license before we can begin rolling again, if you can help message us!

Although you can order our high CBD hemp cigars online:


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    1. We are currently working with people in California to set up shop/franchise! Slowly but surely we’re coming to California!

    1. We are currently moving to a new location and we’ll update you ASAP once we can direct you to where to buy one! Be sure to visit our facebook page and like us to stay up with us!

  1. I would like information when u set up some new location in Denver. I’ve called so many dispensaries looking for a Magar, one location said you went out of business. Hope to see a come back! I’ve had a Magar once, there awesome. Bit on the pricey. But totally worth it . They last long and are a smooth smoke giving you chill vibes. Can’t wait to have one again. Send me some info ASAP. Plz.

    1. Chris,

      Like us on Facebook and I’ll be letting everyone know where they are once we ramp our production back up. Which will be very shortly! Thanks for being a customer, we are doing are best to get them back out for everyone… This time we’ll be sticking around, the last dispensary we were with went out of business, we found several new homes, and now we are just analyzing the best place for to set back up!

        1. We just got our newest rolling machines in. I personally hope to see some kind of commerce happening with the Magars here very shortly, as I feel bad telling so many people to keep waiting. Good news though, once they are back out and we are under a difference license (dispensary), they will be sticking around for good.

    1. I got something better. Like our Facebook page and I’ll let you and everyone else know when we hit the State. We have gathered some ground in Cali and now we are just putting together the Franchising and the laundry list that goes with that.

  2. Love your product would like to buy more wondering when that’s going to happen also if you guys need anybody, hiring anybody. Would love to work in the field

    1. Stephen,

      Thank you! We are working on ramping up production with some help from some automated machinery. The over all rolling process is still going to be hand rolled… So we may need more rollers as time goes by. Be sure to like our Facebook page and hit me up on their once I let everyone know we are rolling again.


    1. Hey Dean, I answered your question on the Facebook too. We will be re-releasing Magars before or on April 20th 2015. I’m glad to be able to give a date finally, we’ve not a had home to be able to sell these legally for over a year now. But we found one and we’ll be out shortly. Stay tuned to the FB page and I’ll let you know where to get them when they are available!

      I appreciate your patience, I’m glad I can finally be able to bring some good news to the table about getting these out again.

      -Acme 420

    1. We are currently not rolling Magars at the moment. We believe we’ll back up and running in October for dispensary usage. You can though sign up for our newsletter on the right side bar of the site and the welcome message will tell you how you can obtain a Magar right now.


    1. Joe,

      Since we don’t ship as it’s federally illegal still, the only way would be to come visit us in Colorado after the first of the year.

    1. You’ll need to jump on our Facebook fan page, we’ll let you know where you’ll be able to purchase Magars when they are available at the first the year (when we are legal to sell again). If you are requesting shipping, we sadly can not accommodate any shipping as it’s still federally illegal in the USA. (sucks we know!)

  3. I am speculating purchasing some of these fine products and would like a lost of the dispensaries that carry them nearest to my location which is in Massachusetts . Thank you very much for a speedy reply

    1. Hi King,

      I super apologize for the very unspeedy reply.

      At the moment we are located in Colorado and we are right now waiting on becoming legal again.
      We have a meeting with the State here on the 16th and we’ll be available in most major dispensaries
      in Colorado by then. We do however have some people looking to help push us into states that have
      legalized here over the next couple years. You can join our FB page or our e-mail list and we’ll keep
      you updated on when and where we are and where we are going.

      -Acme 420

  4. Hi me and 2 of my friends are in colorado till saturday and are wondering where we could find a magar?? Pkease help and recreational only

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I apologize that I didn’t get to your e-mail sooner, we’ve been busy becoming legal again.
      So I wouldn’t have been able to direct you to one back then either. We have a meeting with
      the state here on the 16th of March, and we’ll be available most likely by April.

      Do jump on the Facebook page and we can keep you updated, just in case you come back… We
      are also looking to pop into other States as well, so that could be of interest to you.

      -Acme 420

    1. Hi Joshua,

      We are currently only available in Colorado.
      And we are actually waiting to become legal again here on the 16th of March.

      Join our Facebook page and we’ll keep you updated when we move into the area.
      We have some big partners that will be helping us do this, so we could be there
      in the near future.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      We currently only have Magars in Colorado for the moment.
      And actually we are waiting to become legal yet again here on the 16th (march).

      Jump on our FB page and we’ll keep you updated on where we move to as
      time goes on!

    1. Hi Sophia,

      Right now we are waiting on Colorado to approve our license again so we can begin selling. Most likely we’ll have them hosted in all the bigger dispensaries in Denver at first since we already have relationships with them from when we sold before.

    1. Since MJ is technically illegal federally it’s impossible to actually send them anywhere and not get busted for it.

      Hopefully here in the near future sales of MJ/CBD and all the like will have more relaxed laws about them.

    1. We’ll be available in Jan 2017 when our license renews, and we’ll be available in all major dispensaries in Denver, Ft. Collins, Pueblo, Telluride… In Denver we’ll be supplying Rino Supply CO with the majority of Magars.

  5. Hello I am just now discovering your magnificent creations thanks to a particular show I was watching on the vice Channel it didn’t feature your cigars but it led me to yours in my hunt for them in California. So I’m sure you know my next question, which I have seen several times in previous posts, but what is the status of purchasing Magars in Northern California, particularly the San Francisco Eastbay area. Also, could you add me to your newsletter email list so I can be updated on locations in Colorado to purchase as well as California status

    1. Hi there,

      Yes we’ve got a couple people coming to the site because of Vice. You’re right it’s the not same thing, ours has been created to be mass produced, as these take a long long time to make even now, there would be no way we could supply an entire state let alone a country without a few tricks up our sleeves to allow us to do that.

      I will plug you into our email, you’ll need to confirm it. You can also like us here: http://facebook.com/acme420magars/

    1. At the moment there are no franchises in Boston, but we are looking to expand to all legal States in the coming years.

    1. We’ll be setting up franchise positions across legal States moving forward this year. Be sure to like our FB page and sign up for the email list and we’ll update you when we make the move or to offer opportunities to help us set those locations up when that time comes.

  6. Looking for a dispensary in Ca. San Francisco or the sournding area to purchase your hand rolled cannabis cigars.
    Thank you.
    Jeffrey Kennedy
    561 308 5919

    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      I strongly suggest you join our email list (you can sign up on the right hand side of the website).

      We have some connects in CA, but were not rolling in CA just yet. But we’ll let you know when they’re available for purchase in CA.

    1. Currently we’re only available in Colorado, although we are working on getting into California as soon as possible after our re-release here in CO.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      We’ll hopefully have a list here shortly.

      We will have a Hegar list even sooner than that though.

      We will be in Denver this weekend selling Hegars.

      Check the Facebook fan page for more info.

    1. Hi Chi,

      We’ll be at the Revel Social Club event here this weekend in Denver. We will only be allowed to sell Hegars. But we are very close and getting through some MIPs issues so that will can sell to dispensaries.

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