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Stevie Stone Smoking a Primo Acme 420 Magar

Stevie Stone Smoking and Primo Magar

Alex and Stevie Stone Sharing an Acme 420 Primo Magar

Alex and Stevie Stone Sharing an Acme Magar

Acme 420 Primo Marijuana Magar Cigar Just Rolled Tiger Leaf

Acme 420 Primo Marijuana Magar Cigar Just Rolled Tiger Leaf

Acme 420 Magar Mini Package, Frodo and Primo

Frodo Primo and Pack of Mini Magars

Acme 420 Frodo with our Newest Band

Hybrid Primo Magar

Acme 420 Primo Indica Strain Magar in Tube and New Magar Band

Indica Primo Magar

Acme 420 Gift Set Package: MaChew, Magar Cutter, Primo (Sativa,Indica,Hybrid x3), Frodo (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid x3) a pack of pre-rolled pack of Acme 420 Joints, a pack/box of 5 Mini Magars and one of our Old School tubes we use to use as our Frodo and Primo packing (I believe there are suppose to be some stickers and 2 cutters instead of 1) 

MaChew Frodo Primo and Mini Magar Gift Set

Acme 420 Pack of Mini Magars with new band!

Mini Magars in Box

Acme 420 Primo Sativa Strain with New Band (new thickness) and new epicness!

Sativa Primo Magar

Acme 420 Mini’s Freshly Rolled and Drying (New Flavor Orange Dream)

Acme 420 Mini Magars

Acme 420 Magars in Hightimes Magazine Issue #427

Acme 420 Magars in Hightimes Magazine



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10 thoughts on “Pictures”

    1. Best bet would be to like our FB fan page and we’ll let you know when they are being passed out at events.

      We wont be in dispensaries until after the first of the year.

  1. Peace and Blessings,

    Just recently moved to SoCal! Trying to find your product. Can you please let me know where I can find them at in SoCal? Appreciate it the help.

    Be Safe

    1. Hi Zee,

      The current law for shipping MJ anywhere in the States is still a federal crime unless it’s inside the legal state, through a legal carrier and then it only goes to the dispensary, not to any one persons. We are working on some high CBD hemp cigars that could very well be legal to send here in the future though. Be sure to like us on Facebook

  2. What do you use to “glue” the leafs together? Sugar water? Looked wet in one of the photo’s so I’m assuming it was just whatever you use to hold it all together..?

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