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We can’t sell Magars online HOWEVER You can order our high CBD hemp cigars online:


If you are a dispensary here in Colorado you can contact us in regards to ordering or re-ordering Magars or Hegars (Hemp Cigars). Please note we do not ship Magars anywhere so please do not ask, but we can ship Hegars.

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    1. We currently do not actually ship Magars. We have rolling stations that will setup shop in legal areas to supply Dispensaries with Magars. It’s not worth shipping over state lines when it’s still considered a Federal offense to even own Marijuana still.

        1. We’ll have locations established this month some time, be sure to like our FB page or jump on the email list and I’ll update those channels once we know where the first batches will land. Then we should know which dispensary(ies) will continually have them soon after.

  1. I am a dispensary owner in California and am in love with the idea of your medication i am planning a trip to colorado and have friends out in CO i was trying to figure out how to get your beautiful Magars to my club if you have any ideas please let me know or if you have any booths at any CA expo or shows please e.mail me thank you

    1. Joe, thanks for the comment! Be sure to like us on our Facebook page and let me know when you are heading out this way. Perhaps we can get you a Magar. At the moment we are currently not producing any Magars as we are ramping up our rolling system as well as looking for a new home (under a new dispensary) so we can legally get back to it!

  2. Hey there. We do tours, workshops, and have a number of high end vacation rentals throughout Colorado. I have had my second request for your magars in the last month so thought I better figure out where your magars are sold if anywhere in Colorado currently?
    Thanks and good luck with going big time!

    1. Matt,

      We are currently working around the clock to get ourselves in a legal position to sell again. The last dispensary we we’re working with went under. We got a couple places we are looking to work with, just have to make sure we are not stuck with anyone person just in case a better situation comes in. Although we have been able to increase the Primo and Frodo ring sizes by about 5 and the mini’s are also getting a size increase… so they are quiet bigger and we have our professional bands finished. It is quiet a bummer that it’s taking so long, but I believe firmly that we will have them out in the next month. I’ll be hitting the Facebook Fan page with the dispensary list when we have our first batch sent out. Be sure to the like page for an immediately knowing. I will also then be putting the list on here as well.

      Here is the FB page:


  3. ****-

    Hello sir, I do not know if you remember me. I originally helped *** and **** acquire Lincoln Herbal. I am still involved in the industry and have connections to OPC’s and working on helping others acquire Rec Licenses. Would love to work with you. Please contact me when you have a chance so that we may discuss different opportunities. People I am working with have good cash flow and were just approved for 3,200 plant count in Aurora.

    Thank You.

    1. Nechole,

      Be sure to pop on our newsletter and get on our Facebook page as were just about to re-release Magars back into the wild. I’m actually rolling again now, so this is the real thing we’re about back on the market. Do stay tuned we’ll let everyone know… Note that we let our newsletter subscribers know first before anywhere else where to get Magars when they are released.

      Here over the next month, some one might be handing out some Magars at certain events, so there is a possibility of trying one sooner.. Of course we have nothing to do with this and won’t know until its about to happen.


  4. Greeting guys,

    Great job on this product, very classy. Im the co-founder at Cannabis Connects Global and Vice-pres. at Landon’s Health Hut, I have been trying to get my hands on these for a while now. Contact me via email, Facebook, instagram. Im right here in colorado springs.


    Albert J. Sappenfield
    Cannabis Connects Global
    Landon’s Health Hut

    1. Hey Albert,

      We’ll be available the first of the year when we’ll be fully legal to sell again.

      Working through some red tape.

      But we are set to go here shortly!


    1. Hi Steve,

      Best bet right now would be to like our FB page.

      We won’t have these out for sale until April.
      We have a meeting with the State here on the 16th
      and we’ll know by April when we’ll have them back
      out here in Colorado.

  5. Good Morning,

    I’m brazilian and i want to know if it is possible to me buy some of these cigars.
    In my country marijuana is not legal, but I have friends that bought some seeds and things
    to smoke.
    I am really interested about this cigars, I want to smoke one and buy of you.
    I thank you for answering me.

    Pedro Paulo Vieira.

    1. Hi Pedro,

      I apologize for the late response we’ve been working hard to get legal again here in Colorado.

      Since it’s federally illegal in the United States as a whole, we can not legally ship any MJ
      anywhere except inside Colorado to dispensaries.

      But, things are changing quickly around the world, and perhaps in the coming years we’ll be able
      to offer a shipping to certain places. Jump on our FB page and we’ll keep you updated with
      whats going on with Acme 420 Magars.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      We are currently not in California, although we have some big partners that will be helping us move into Cally and other MJ legal states here in the next year! Be sure to jump on our Facebook page or our e-mail list and we’ll let you know when we do!

      -Acme 420

  6. I was wondering what city or state do you guys ship these to , because I’m a cancer patient and these would help me out a whole lot when I smoke . It’s So much better than rolling up in tobacco or in papers.

    1. Hi Dulis,

      We currently do not ship Magars anywhere except for inside Colorado with designated MJ shipping companies. Although we will be offering the highest quality CBD oil to date at our other website http://acme420cbd.com in fact, it’s almost %95 pure CBD. I’d say for now that would be really a great thing to get behind. Be sure to jump on our e-mail list which you can get on by visit http://acme420.com and punching your e-mail into the left side of the screen. We can ship this CBD oil pretty much all over the world.

      But we will be looking to push Acme 420 into other areas of the states as soon as we get back up and running here in Colorado after we are approved again by the state (our meeting is on the 16th of March). I apologize for the late response, we been working really hard on off site things for the past couple months to get ready again.

      -Acme 420

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      We have are meeting finally with the state here on the 16th of March.

      We’ll most likely be selling by Mid to Late April.

      I apologize, our meeting with the State kept getting pushed back
      because of the type of product we are creating. It doesn’t exactly
      fit in their circle or square hole that they like.

      -Acme 420

  7. I’d like to get some of your fine product. Perhaps for a trade? If not what are my options? I have an OPC and MIP in Colorado but no store. Instagram.com/goldenbarnco2

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    1. No need I’m OMG and we’ve not done ANY personal SEO besides a few social profiles for this site. It’s one of those sites that honestly will rank itself like it has… Something that Google wants everyone to do to their websites, but we know full well it doesn’t happen on it’s own 97% of the time. If you’re an OMG or Source U, Empire Network hit me up at : http://facebook.com/acme420magars/ – always like connecting with other SEOs.

    1. I just recently flew into California and had a brief talk with the guys who are setting up the franchise position there in LA. I immediately flew to Japan soon after, but I believe it got the ball moving a bit more to get that to happen, be sure to jump on our email list or FB page and we’ll update you when that happens. (within a year is what the board is saying though)

    1. Hi there,

      Do you mean our tables we use or the locations we are rolling at? Or are you asking about where we’re selling them (dispensaries)?

      -Acme 420

    1. We are actually very active in Florida in terms of getting things ready. Since we employ a lot of tactics from the cigar industry we have a lot of friends and business partners in Florida. Although we will have our Hemp version of Magars out there first (they will be available most States). They are actually a fantastic smoke despite whatever one thinks when they think hemp. We’re on our way.

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