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We are looking for a MIPs license so we can continue rolling Magars.

Until then you can order our high CBD hemp cigars online:


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  1. Please call me… the dispensary where i normally buy your magars is no longer carrying. Looking for a new location this morning but can’t find your contact info. please post where we can buy. thank you

    1. Hi Rick, if you have the number for the boss man give him a call and he can explain the situation at the moment. If you can’t, we are currently looking to get a new license (dispensary) to work with since the loss of Lincoln Herbal. Hopefully very shortly we’ll have Magars back out!

        1. Alfonso,

          We currently are not available yet in California, we have several people working with us to get it going ASAP though. Be sure to like our FB fan page to stay up the news regarding Magars in California.

  2. Im looking to do something special with my bud bruthas how much do each cigar cost been lookibg at your website daily but its still coming lol

    1. Hi Jay,

      Currently they are not being sold in dispensaries as we are still (sadly) looking for a dispensary to be our home. But when they are out I believe the Mini Magars sell for something like $10-$15 Frodo Magars sell for $25-$35 and Primo Magars sell for $35-$55 …. of course it all depends on the location, as the farther you go from Denver the higher the price could go… especially in places like Telluride. Usually the mid range is pretty popular. Some times people can still get them. At the moment of course it’s not through a proper channels… If I find out how to get this information and share it without causing any legal problems. I will let you know….

      Where are you currently located?


  3. Hey! I would love to buy a magar but none of my recreational shops sell, I do live in Washington and so it being legal I was curious if I could place an order somehow and have them shipped

    1. I just answered this to an individual going to Amsterdam, he requested to ship Magars because of the legality between the two locations.

      We have decided to never send Magars out of the State, it’s just too
      risky at the moment, being that although yes these two locations are legal.
      It’s still federally illegal to ship them in anyway except for
      legal routes when shipping to a dispensary.

      I really do hope things lighten up in the future for all our sakes,
      I would love to send you some Magars, but at the moment we are
      going to stick with our guns and stay straight and within the
      shipping guidelines.


  4. I live in Pueblo CO, willing to come to Denver. I have a 50th Birthday party coming up and would love to have this as a gift/ party favors Is that even possible?

    Are you able to email me with more information?


    1. Hi Kristin,

      Happy B-day!! The only way you can maybe get a Magar at the moment is by signing up to our newsletter that is on the right hand side of the website. It will give you instructions on where and how to get them.

      I hope I got this to you in time!

    1. Currently the only way to purchase a Magar legally at the moment is by signing up for our newsletter. We should have Magars being produced by the end of October and we’ll let everyone know on the newsletter when and where they will be available!

    1. Like our Facebook page and we’ll be letting everyone know where they could get to get one / try one. We won’t be available until the first of the year when we become fully legal again.

    1. Hi Colin,

      We are currently not in WA.

      Although we have some people looking to help us
      move into the Area here possibly this year or early next!

      Jump on our FB page and we’ll let you know when we make the move!

      -Acme 420

  5. It has been a goal of mine to smoke one of these in style. I would like to know if you ship these to the Washington rec. stores, particularly in the Olympia area.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Since MJ is illegal federally, we can not ship them anywhere except through legal shipping companies that do drop off’s to Colorado dispensaries.

      We are looking to move into that area as time passes, we have some big partners on board so it could happen quicker then you might think!

      -Acme 420

  6. Dudes,
    Many of us are not on FB. You need a Twitter account so we can be informed.
    First off terrific idea on the cigars.
    I’ve been a cigar smok’n bikermamma for over 40yrs.
    Would love to to have a box of the minie’s.
    Also would like to get into the MMJ Biz.
    Email above is my private one.
    My business one is on Saving Jeep Grand

    1. Hello,

      We apologize on the lack of social at the moment, we are about to become legal yet again here in Colorado. We’ll know by the 16th (march). Once we are rolling again, we’ll have many different places you can get a hold of us! For right now though if you are looking to get into the biz, you can contact Katherine Mullen from and she can help you, you can also sign up for our e-mail list which is located on the left of the website. When big news hits we use the e-mail list to inform everyone. Just let Kate know you talked with me, there should be an e-mail on the website if not it’s:

  7. how do I get some free promo pruducts from yall I would reallylike to have some of yalls prouducts in my store tand would love to try a cannagar

    1. Hi Jacob are you located in Denver/CO?

      If so please contact us on our Facebook fan page and we can talk about that.

      If not we could potentially sell Hegars that you could sell in your store and have
      them shipped legally.

    1. Hi Nelson,

      We are currently working with our Hegars from Acme Hemp Labs. They will be available many different places. But being were able to get these going means it won’t be long before Magars are back out.

      Sign up for the email list or get on our FB page I will hopefully be sending out a message soon! We will be at an event in Denver this weekend Revel Social Club from Sat-Sun.

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